Mall Day

(Hot, hot, hot, whew. Dog days are really here!)

Anchors away! I've got way too many sunshine in my pocket! A breezy shirt for this dog day summer is all I need. I did however wore black cardigan to match my hat and to make it modest. We had to quickly go to the mall to buy something on my next expedition which I will talk about soon. So out I drag hubby and we had a little date of coconut shrimps, shopping and singing Italian love songs together. 

What I'm wearing: Von Maur anchor print top, Michael Kors cardigan, Von Maur hat, ebay sunnies, skirt and bow flip flops

Speaking of dog in dog days, I am aspiring and hoping to get some dogs soon. I'm thinking a lot of huskies and dalmatians to fill our house and more dogs outside. Just kidding, that is too much but my brain is wired around that idea. Thinking of it makes me so excited!!! Well for now, I have to do some important stuff first then we can all rub it in later.

"Smile, Jesus loves you!"

Have a lovely weekend mademoiselles!!!

DIY WALL ZOO | Unicorn Wall Trophy

What is more fun than a faux unicorn head for your gallery. Yeah for 3d! And because it's faux like literally not the real taxidermy but rather far from it. Very lightweight and easy to the eyes. We filmed ourselves making this cardboard swag in my Youtube channel so be sure to check it out and while you are at it, don't forget to subscribe! It was really easy, pop them out and insert them in proper slots. Of course I bought this on sale at Joann's but if you want to try and buy them for yourself I made a list of shops you can buy out of online. 

Dwell Studio - $49 
Wayfair - $42.99 
Vat19 - $29.99 - $54.99
Etsy - $30 - $80

Really what I like most about these is that you can paint them, or let them stay natural like what I did. Some even put a lot of ornaments! Now if I could go back to Joann's or any other craft stores really to find more animal trophies. Hmmmm.... 

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