Hints Of Summer | Favorite Summer Palette

Probably my favorite summer palette of colors are right here in my dress. I do agree, I have a lot of aqua, blue green, greener than green dresses in my closet but when one of your girlfriends give you a dress, you can just happily obliged! Another girlfriend gifted me with a cute floral bag. So I can safely say that this outfit has been a blessing. You know that you are best friend with somebody when they just know your style! Really loving this combo of my lace dress with a floral print satchel bag and my caged coral heels. Perfect colors for a sunny summer day.  

Marshalls lace dress, GUESS satchel, Penny Loves Kenny heels

Enjoy the rest of the week y'all. Go out and enjoy the sunshine-y day!

Pirouetting Skirt | Mountain OOTD

I felt like pirouetting and dancing when I see an array of mountains. Is it just me or just me? Kidding aside, these are great views we discovered while on Juy 4 weekend. What a gem! I say. We followed an advice from a friend to check out Lake Hemet since we love to barbecue and be with nature. It was hotter than Big Bear but we enjoyed the roads leading up to it. The Mountain Center was filled with endless fields, ranches, barns and white fences. It was a beautiful view of the wild west. I especially like the road lined with pine trees, it gives the feel of a northern state rather than Southern one. So what better to do than stop at a turnout and frolic a little bit? This pleated maxi is on repeat for the whole summer. Simple and modest and refreshing and breezy and comfortable and yes I could go on and on. As for the place? We sure will be back! 

New York and Company cardigan top, Koret pleated skirt, Juicy Footwear ballet shoes

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